Tooth Soap Peppermint Whip, Spearmint Whip and Ginger Whip are concentrated and creamy smooth and will leave your teeth and gums feeling squeaky clean. You will think you just had a dental cleaning but the cash in your bank account will let you know it was Tooth Soap instead. Fluoride-free! 1 oz container yields 250 servings/pumps.
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Tooth Soap Whip (fluoride-free), 1 oz

Tooth Soap Peppermint Whip, Spearmint Whip and Ginger Whip are concentrated and creamy smooth and will leave your teeth and gums feeling squeaky clean. You will think you just had a dental cleaning but the cash in your bank account will let you know it was Tooth Soap instead. Fluoride-free! 1 oz container yields 250 servings/pumps.

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Tooth Soap PepperWhip, SpearWhip and GingerWhip

The most incredible Tooth Soap ever! Tooth Soap Whip is a whipped and creamy version of Tooth Soap to leave your mouth and teeth clean and mineralized. Fluoride-free, glycerin-free.

Tooth Soap Whip also has a bit of Original Himalayan Crystal Salt and pure Coral Calcium from the Caribbean. Tooth Soap discovered that the coral calcium was cleaner from that area so they chose Caribbean Coral Calcium over the calcium from Okinowa.

Tooth Soap Whip deep cleans fissures and pits of teeth, the most common place for cavities to form. With the micro-minerals from the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt plus pure Coral Calcium loaded with calcium and magnesium, your teeth will be deep cleaned and bathed in minerals every time you brush.

Ingredients: Created from saponified Olea europaea (organic extra virgin olive oil), cocos nucifera (organic coconut oil), Coral Calcium, Original Himalayan Crystal Salt®, distilled water and pure essential oil (either peppermint, spearmint or ginger).

Long lasting: 250 pumps per bottle. One pump super cleans your teeth and gums with lots of lightly flavored foam!

The first step to saving your teeth is to stop using ALL toothpaste, whether or not it contains fluoride. That goes for the “natural” tooth pastes and the gels or rinses that you are using as well. Natural tooth pastes have glycerin as one of the main ingredients and glycerin coats the teeth and prevents re-enamelization.

If you check all your dental products, you will find glycerin is a main ingredient in them. You will also find that most tooth pastes and gels contain SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) which has been shown in studies to cause canker sores. You must stop using all tooth pastes with glycerin and/or fluoride and other contaminating ingredients.

So what does Dr. Judd recommend we use on our teeth? SOAP. Yes, you read that correctly. Dr. Judd says BAR SOAP is the only effective cleanser for teeth. Dr. Judd states, “Soap takes oils and other items off the teeth quickly leaving them perfectly clean. Toothpastes, all of them, with 60% glycerin in them require over 20 washes to remove it, thus leaving the teeth with a coating at all times. Soap takes only two rinses and it is off.”

Dr. Judd refers to teeth as a crystal and states “The soap cleaned crystal will enamelize better and build more perfectly. It is a given in making crystals in the laboratory that the solution they are made from must be free of all undesirable impurities, to get the beautiful perfect facets.”

Plaque, on the other hand which is a poorly formed crystal stuck to the bottom of the enamel, is prevented and eventually removed by brushing with soap! And prevention of plaque retards gum pockets!

If plaque is so bad, isn’t going to the dentist a good idea so he can clean off the plaque? Dr. Judd says that, “Dental procedures to get the badly formed crystals off dig holes through the enamel. These cavities catch food and cause GUM INFECTION.” Don’t probe your teeth with sharp objects or those metal picks made for removing plaque. A better option is using tools made from soft materials.

Tooth Soap Customer Reviews:

"Thank you for the Tooth Soap. It is wonderful. I've been using the soap for about 2 months now. After an absence of 2 years from the dentist, I went for a check-up yesterday, and my dentist told me that my gums and teeth are so healthy, that there was nothing for him to do. He exclaimed that I've been doing a good job of keeping my teeth clean. No scraping and no hurting. And this is from a person who had gum surgery due to pockets in the gums and I still have one pocket that is now clean whereas before my dentist would tsk, tsk, tsk. Thanks again ..." — Ara

"I've been using the Tooth Soap for about three months now, and my teeth have never been this clean. And all the sensitivity I used to have is a thing of the past. But, the thing I like the most about it, and it was a result I got from 'Day 1,' is how clean & fresh my mouth is first thing in the morning when I wake up. No toothpaste or mouthwash ever did that for me, no matter what they promised in their adverts. So, yeah, I'm a convert now. and preaching the good news to all my friends." — Grania S.

"You guys are awesome! Thanks a million. I love this stuff--no mouth sores any longer." — Judy

"When I first heard about Tooth Soap, I thought it was just another money-grubbing health product scheme. But, since I needed help with my (remaining) teeth and gums, I thought to give it a try. I am 74 years old and would like to keep what I have left after a lifetime of commercial dentifrice.

I ordered Tooth Soap, which is the shreds as you know. In any case, after I opened the bottle and thought, 'honestly, no way one of those shreds can possibly clean my teeth and mouth.' Well, I was very wrong! I had a mouthful of wonderful peppermint foam with a mildly soapy taste, which wasn't unpleasant.

I brushed my teeth and massaged my gums, rinsed thoroughly three times and it was then I continued to be pleased and impressed by the 'Shreds' product.My mouth felt clean, a very slight residuum of soapy taste, and my teeth felt; I guess, slick as in 'incredibly clean.'

In any case, you have a permanent customer because, Tooth Soap really does do what your advertisement says. I can only say, 'thank you' with all my heart for creating this product." — Father Robert Christopher, OSH

Tooth Soap Whip (fluoride-free), 1 oz
Product Certifications:
Manufacturer: Discontinued

Item number: TSP008p

Package Size: 1 oz. (28.5 mL)

Refrigeration Required: No

Does Not Contain:

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, coral calcium, original himalayan crystal salt, spring water and pure essential oil


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