Do you experience food cravings? Ever find yourself half-a-pint deep in cookies ‘n’ cream before you realize how much you’ve eaten? When a craving occurs it's normally for high-sugar, high-fat types of foods. I always recommend pairing a food you're craving with a more nutritious food because by adding the healthier food, you’ll feel more satisfied and need less of the unhealthy food.

Topping Ideas to Create a Superfood Sundae


Nut Butter: Zap it in the microwave for a fast sauce (if the texture needs thinning). I highly recommend any of the JEM nut butter flavors. They're so delicious you may want to eat it by the spoonful and won't even need the ice cream!

Olive Oil: Sounds crazy; tastes crazy good on vanilla with sea salt and lemon zest.

Coco-Chocolate Shell: In a microwave, melt 1 Tbsp dark chocolate chips with 1 tsp coconut oil and drizzle over your ice cream.


Nuts and Seeds: Delicious and nutritious, and the crunchy texture is a nice addition. I especially like pis...

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Have you ever thought, “I really need to workout today,” but just couldn’t muster the physical energy to actually do it?

If you’re feeling sluggish before or during your workout routine, here are some tips to get your “oomph” back:

1) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Be sure to drink plenty of water and other liquids, such as seltzer, throughout the day. Our body is made up of over 70% water, and it’s medically proven just a 5% drop in body fluids will case a 25-30% loss of energy. If you drink coffee all day and hope to exercise after work, you won’t feel very good physically or mentally.

As you get going with your workout, your core temperature slowly rise, and within about 5-7 minutes, you’ll start to sweat. You can drip close to a gallon of sweat per hour on hot, humid days, so take time to drink water. The carbohydrates and protein your body uses as fuel during exercise are metabolized and transported by water in the bloodstream. Without water your energy levels would certainly suffer. 

2) ...

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Live Superfoods is proud to welcome Uckele Health and Nutrition, a comprehensive line of supplements for you and your animals!

For over 50 years, Uckele has been formulating and manufacturing superior dietary products for people, dogs and horses. “Optimal Health Worldwide” is more than just the focus of Uckele Health & Nutrition; it’s their passion. 

A Family Business

CEO Mike Uckele is a Certified Nutritionist with 20+ years of experience developing nutritional formulations and programs. Founded by his grandfather with integrity, service, dedication and excellence, Mike's expertise and innovation carry the Uckele family business forward.

Behind The Scenes at Uckele

Formulation Experts: Part Art, Part Science

Highly creative and knowledgeable chemists, industrial engineers, and masters in biochemistry and microbiology develop nutritional formulas from scratch using the latest developments in nutritional science and technology. Uckele’s team of experts formulate comprehensive supplement lines...

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This gorgeous, orange-colored smoothie tastes as good as it looks. The orange color is a sign of its high beta-carotene content, which is an antioxidant important for eye health. The magical medicinal ingredient, turmeric, cranks up the flavor by adding a unique spicy kick, plus it's highly anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants.  

Flavor-wise, fresh turmeric root is sweeter and milder than dried turmeric powder. Fresh turmeric root has an orange and ginger flavor and is also slightly pungent and bitter. Dried turmeric powder tastes rather woodsy and is significantly more pungent and bitter. Keep that in mind if you decide to use dried turmeric rather than fresh turmeric root. You’ll want to decrease the quantity of dried turmeric to around ¼ teaspoon or so.

I hope you enjoy this easy recipe! Let me know what you think in the comments.


1 c. sliced nectarine

½ c. sliced, peeled carrot

½ c. diced pineapple

¼ c. orange juice, or ½ orange

¼ c. plain Greek yogurt

A pinch to ½ tsp tur...

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Dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue, headache…those sound like nasty side effects from a medication, but they’re actually the result of dehydration!

How Much Water Do I Need To Drink?

Whether you’re exercising, working in the yard, or chillin’ on the beach, it's important to drink to thirst! The term “drink to thirst” means you shouldn’t drink just for the sake of drinking. You need to drink an amount of fluid that replaces what you're losing in your sweat. One caveat, if you're running or racing, you may not actually feel “thirst," but don’t make the mistake of not drinking at all. If you need a drinking schedule during exercise, shoot for 4-8 ounces (about 4-8 gulps of water) every 15-20 minutes.

What Happens When You Skimp on Water While Exercising?

Dehydration leads to a big drop in exercise performance—a decrease in mental concentration, coordination and endurance capacity. As if that’s not enough, you’re prone to muscle cramps, digestive problems, and ultimately an inability to cool the bo...

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P5P - The Active Form Of B6

3/21/2016 12:59 AM

Pyridoxal-5'-phosphate, or P5P, is the active coenzyme form of vitamin B-6. "Active" means it can be used directly in B6-dependent enzyme functions, no conversion necessary. P5P is required for many important tasks within the body, including muscle growth and repair, neurotransmitter functions and energy metabolism.

Functions of P5P - A Closer Look

P5P plays a role in many fundamental processes, including amino acid metabolism, heme biosynthesis, neurotransmitter biosynthesis, collagen formation and glucocorticoid action. It helps maintain sodium and potassium levels, which in turn supports the nervous, cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems, and helps the body build, break down and change amino acids. Importantly, P5P also facilitates the production of antibodies and red blood cells.

The recommended dose of P5P varies from person to person. Please speak with a medical professional prior to taking any health supplement - including P5P.


Sources, "What Are The Benefits of ...

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