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Click HERE to go to our new product page for Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder, now available in 60 servings and 100 servings. Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder contains 100% organic, whole leaf wheat grass, one of the most potent leafy greens available. Wheat Grass powder gives you an antioxidant packed boost that alkalizes and energizes with every serving. Just mix with any beverage for a great source of leafy greens, vitamins and minerals. In fact, you need only one glass to reach your daily quota of 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables. 8.5 oz/240g - 30 servings.
  • Amazing grass wheat grass powder

Amazing Grass Wheatgrass, 30 servings

Click HERE to go to our new product page for Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder, now available in 60 servings and 100 servings.

Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder contains 100% organic, whole leaf wheat grass, one of the most potent leafy greens available. Wheat Grass powder gives you an antioxidant packed boost that alkalizes and energizes with every serving. Just mix with any beverage for a great source of leafy greens, vitamins and minerals. In fact, you need only one glass to reach your daily quota of 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables. 8.5 oz/240g - 30 servings.

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Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass

Amazing Grass Wheat Grass Powder contains 100% organic, whole leaf wheat grass, one of the most potent leafy greens available. Wheat Grass powder gives you an antioxidant packed boost that alkalizes and energizes with every serving. Just mix with any beverage for a great source of leafy greens, vitamins and minerals. In fact, you need only one glass to reach your daily quota of 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables.


• USDA Certified 100% Organic
• Vegan, Gluten Free and Raw
• Complete food with enzymes & all essential amino acids
• Field grown outdoors on our Kansas farm through winter
• Natural source of antioxidants to help repair damaged cells
• Increases & sustains energy naturally
• Detoxifies and cleanses your body
• High alkalinity helps balance acidic pH levels
• Strengthens immune system
Per 8 gram serving, Amazing Grass Wheat Grass offers:
• A naturally balanced source of Phytonutrients & Carotenoids
• 2x more dietary fiber than an 8 gram serving of oat bran
• 2x more iron than a 30 gram serving of fresh spinach
• Excellent source of folic acid, beta carotene & vitamin C

Suggested Use

The 8.5 oz bottle has 30 servings and a convenient scoop. Serving size: one scoop, 8 grams. Mix a tablesoon with 8 to 16 oz of your favorite juice or water. Try orange, apple, or grape juice, or try it in a smoothie. Take it first thing in the morning to jump-start your day! Amazing Grass recommends 1-3 servings daily.

8.5 oz/240g - 30 servings.


General Questions

Where is your Wheat Grass grown?
We have a family farm in Kansas where wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa are grown, harvested and dehydrated.  They are all certified organic and definitely non-GMO.  We also harvest our own seeds and are not reliant on any large corporations to use their seeds or fertilizers.

Are Amazing Grass products Gluten Free?
Yes, Amazing Grass products are gluten free. Our cereal grasses are harvested prior to jointing, before the grain forms and any gluten is present. We test for gluten and our products are enjoyed by people worldwide with gluten free diets including celiac disease. Please note, our Energy Bars are manufactured in a plant that processes wheat, milk, eggs, soy, peanuts and tree nuts.

What are the ingredients in our 'natural flavors'.
The ingredients in our "natural flavors" are derived from foods like fruits, vegetables, spices, cacao etc.  All our natural flavors are organic compliant (no GMO’s, not irradiated, no pesticides, herbicides etc), vegan and Kosher. Essentially natural flavors is how we are required to list the flavors we use in any of our products.  Our flavors are derived from fruits and vegetables and provide a way to achieve the desired consistent flavor and taste profile that consumers expect for our Berry Green SuperFood (flavors from cherries, raspberries and pomegranates) and Chocolate Green SuperFood (flavor derived from cacao).  Our products are made from all organic whole foods and no fractionated or isolated vitamins.

How many servings of fruits and veggies is in one scoop of Amazing Grass?
The answer is not necessarily black and white.   Fruits and vegetables can vary widely in their nutritional content and depending on what nutrients you are comparing, you could skew the answer to the desired result.  As an example, a serving of iceberg lettuce and a serving of spinach salad may be equal in servings, but very different in terms of nutritional value.
That said, in real general terms, a serving of our wheat grass powder provides approximately 3 to 4 servings of some of the best deep green leafy vegetable nutrition available.  A serving of our Green SuperFood or Berry Green SuperFood provides approx 4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.
Some people use ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) to measure and compare that score to other fruits and vegetables.  While ORAC can provide a baseline comparison, we believe it is just part of the equation.  Every whole food has thousands of chemical compounds that work in synergy together to provide the nutritional benefits that is inherent in that whole food. 
The ORAC score is a way to measure a substances ability to neutralize free radicals in vitro (in a test tube) and does not necessarily translate to how that substance will perform in vivo (in the body).  The reverse can also be true.  Vitamin E is known as a very powerful antioxidant in the body, but has a very low ORAC score. 
If you look at ORAC as a baseline, then our Green SuperFood has approximately 7 servings of fruits and vegetables (ORAC score of 3400) and our wheat grass would have 3 servings of F&V (ORAC score of 1700).  Our chocolate GSF would be about 6 servings of fruits and vegetables using the same ORAC value (ORAC score of 3100).  By this same measure, our new ORAC Green SuperFood has an ORAC score of 15,000 and using the same math would equate to 30 servings of fruits and vegetables in one scoop.
While green superfoods provide antioxidants, they are ultimately prized for their plethora of chlorophyll and synergy of vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, protein and ability to alkalize and balance your body’s pH level, while providing a very concentrated form of essential green leafy vegetable nutrition.

Is Amazing Grass safe for pets to consume?
Sure, we have quite a few faithful canine and feline grassheads who love our wheat grass and green superfoods.  Many owners remark at how they give their older pets sustained energy, a shiny coat and better overall health.  Our wheat grass is probably the most popular and we have some pet food stores who sell it and also have received great feedback from animal rescue centers who tell us they see great responses from their dogs.  Typically owners mix our powder into their pets water and wet food.  A dog walker in NYC claims our wheat grass makes his job much easier with better poops all around!

Are your containers BPA free (bisphenol A)?
Yes, all of our product containers are BPA free. We use the highest quality #1 PETE containers for our organic Wheat Grass powder and tablets and Green SuperFood capsules) and #2 HDPE containers for the rest of our product line.

BPA is found mostly in polycarbonate plastics such as #7. It is probably best to avoid using these containers if possible. There is evidence that heating these containers may cause leaching so microwaving etc is not recommended. Many canned foods are also lined with plastics containing BPA and liquids are more susceptible to any potential leaching than powders.

Are your greens raw or uncooked?
Yes, our greens are raw and have not been cooked. Foods are generally considered raw if they are dehydrated at temperatures under 117 degrees. We dehydrate our greens using a specially designed low temperature dehydrator. The cell temperature of the leaves doesn’t get above 107 degrees. This allows them to retain maximum levels of heat sensitive nutrients like beta-carotene, phytonutrients and enzymes. There are many raw food chefs around the world that use our greens in their favorite recipes.

Can I consume Amazing Grass while pregnant and or breastfeeding?
This is a personal choice and we recommend consulting with your doctor to be sure they approve.  In nearly all cases, our wheat grass is a considered green leafy vegetable nutrition and a great product to consume while pregnant or breastfeeding.  The alkalizing green leafy vegetable nutrition is not only great for mom, but your baby as well.  Many moms love the food based sources of folate, betacarotene along with essential vitamins and minerals.  Additionally, our wheat grass helps with digestion and elimination and many moms find it really helps with constipation.
We have quite a few expecting and breastfeeding mothers who consume our Green SuperFood and Amazing Meal too.  The Green SuperFood includes a few herbs such as peppermint and ginseng (both very small amounts) and some maca, which is an adaptogenic root- consumed by Peruvians for thousands of years.  Again, we recommend checking with your doctor to be sure they approve of these ingredients as some doctors are very strict with consuming any herbs.  Our Green SuperFood contains all whole foods and no fractionated or isolated vitamins.  So your body can easily recognize the foods and utilize what it needs and eliminate anything it doesn’t.

Can I mix Amazing Grass products with hot beverages?
Although we always recommend mixing our drink powders with cold or room temperature liquids, the short answer is yes. You can think of the dehydrated fruits and vegetables in our superfood drink powders similar to how you would think of heating other common fruits and vegetables. There are some heat sensitive nutrients like beta-carotene and enzymes that tend to have their nutritive values compromised when heated above 118 degrees. Think of eating raw spinach or cooked spinach. When it’s raw it is higher in beta-carotene and enzymes. Once you cook it, the levels of these heat sensitive nutrients begin to dissipate. However, even when heated there are still numerous beneficial nutrients that you are consuming. Essentially it is better to consume superfoods even when heating them, then not at all. If heating is required for taste considerations, we recommend heating your beverage first and then mixing in your superfood drink powder. We also have several recipes that require heating and can provide creative and alternative ways to enjoy our superfoods.

Are your products vegan?
All of our Amazing Grass products are 100% Vegan except our Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein bars.  Those contain whey protein.

How is your Amazing Grass grown and bottled?
Click here for a complete description of our farming and manufacturing process.

I haven't stored my Amazing Grass in the refrigerator or freezer, is it still good?
Most likely your Amazing Grass product is still fine to consume. Our products are dehydrated and very low in moisture content. As long as your product has been stored in a cool dry place, the chances of the product molding or becoming contaminated are fairly small. When our products are exposed to high temperatures, heat sensitive nutrients like betacarotene and some enzymes may have their nutritive levels dissipated somewhat. However, as long as stored properly (in a dry cool place) there is a good chance that your Amazing Grass product is still in great shape and safe to consume. We know many of our consumers (including all our employees) have traveled with an opened container for weeks at a time without cold storage. Bottom line, if you have the ability to store open containers in your refrigerator or freezer, that is preferred storage method, but our products should be fine to consume as long as they are stored in a cool dry place.

What do Amazing Grass products do for me?
Life’s daily functions, such as digestion, stress, exercise, and the consumption of processed foods, coffee or alcohol all form acid. When your body’s pH is in the acidic range, it retains water to dilute the acidity and stores fat to protect the body’s organs from the acidity.
Amazing Grass wheat and barley grass has a high alkalizing effect, which helps restore the balance between acidity and alkalinity in our body. Most processed foods are acidic, and when we consume too many of them, the acidity-alkalinity balance is upset. Our cells cannot effectively function if our body is out of balance. Prolonged acidity can lead to stress of our body’s cells and organs and ultimately may lead to illness and disease. Cleansing and detoxifying our body will balance the acidity-alkalinity ratio resulting in rejuvenated cellular activity. After our body’s pH levels are balanced, you will notice an increase in energy, stamina and less need for sleep. Consuming Amazing Grass may also lead to a decreased craving for junk food, sweets and may limit overeating.
Amazing Grass has many live enzymes that help aid in digestion and other bodily functions. In addition to the live enzymes, Amazing Grass is also high in naturally produced anti-oxidants that neutralize free radicals and protect the skins' connective tissues. There are many testimonials from wheat grass consumers that have noticed an improvement of their skin’s complexion and overall appearance.

What is the expiration date on your products?
Our Amazing Grass products have at least a 2 year expiration date from the date of their manufacture. Our wheat grass powder is 3 years from the date of manufacture. We guarantee the nutritional analysis for any bottles that are unopened and have been stored properly without exposure to extreme temperatures, until the expiration date listed on the bottle. Once opened, we recommend storing our products in the refrigerator or freezer to maintain their highest nutritive levels.

What is the suggested serving size?
Amazing Grass Wheat Grass tablets serving size is 5 tablets (or 5 grams). We recommend 1 to 3 servings a day, depending on your typical vegetable consumption per day. Remember, it is a food, not a vitamin.
Amazing Grass Wheat Grass Powder The official serving size is one tablespoon or 8 grams. We recommend 1 to 3 servings per day, again depending on your typical vegetable consumption per day. The powder is great mixed with your favorite juice such as orange juice, apple juice or water. It also makes a delicious smoothie.

When is the best time to take Amazing Grass?
It can be taken any time. Many people take it about an hour before a meal with water or juice. This allows their body to take full advantage of the nutrients it needs without competing with other foods. Furthermore, since the dehydrated grass expands, many find they don’t eat as much at meal time. Some report losing weight, while feeling healthier and having more energy. Others take it in the morning to energize their day, while some take it after a night of drinking and swear it helps them feel much better in the morning. We recommend taking Amazing Grass first thing in the morning to jump start your day or whenever it is most convenient and you feel like it.

Wheat Grass Questions

Where is your Wheat Grass grown?
We have a family farm in Kansas where all our cereal grasses and alfalfa are grown, harvested and dehydrated.  They are all certified organic and definitely non-GMO.  We also harvest our own seeds.

How much Amazing Grass Wheat Grass equals a 1 ounce shot of fresh wheatgrass juice?
The nutritional profiles of Amazing Grass dehydrated whole-leaf powder and tablets and fresh juice are quite different, so any comparison is a rough estimate. That said, roughly 1 tablespoon or 5 tablets is compared in the link below to a shot of fresh wheatgrass juice. However, there are many differences that should be noted.
Inequalities in soil conditions, growing time and environment lead to significant differences in nutritional content. Amazing Grass Wheat Grass is superior in nutrition and concentration to wheatgrass juice.

Amazing Grass Wheat Grass:

- grown over 200 days through winter in mineral rich Kansas soil
- grown outside in the ground with natural sunshine
- Costs .42 to .60 per serving
- Excellent nutrition w/ complex carbohydrates
- consumed for nutritional benefits

Fresh Wheatgrass Juice:

- typically grown for 7-14 days in water or thin soil
- Typically grown in a tray under lights or in a greenhouse
- Costs $1.50 or more per serving
- Good nutrition w/ simple sugars
- consumed for therapeutic benefits
- 7 to 10 inches tall at harvest

Amazing Grass Wheat Grass is grown the way nature intended and thus provides a plethora of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, enzymes and contains all the essential amino acids. Fresh wheatgrass juice, while highly regarded by many for its potential therapeutic value, simply isn't given the time to develop fully, and can't compare with Amazing Grass wheat grass, grown the way nature intended.

I am drained of energy by the end of the day. Will wheat grass really help?
There is a good chance it will. Not only does wheat grass give support to nutritional deficiencies, it also eliminates waste that clogs your blood, cells, tissues and organs.
Ann Wigmore, author of the Wheat Grass Book writes; “Each of us is the keeper of ten trillion little batteries called cells. Like flashlight batteries, our cells hold a charge of electricity. In order for this charge to be strong and steady we need to have a steady supply of proper nutrients… With the addition of wheat grass and raw foods to your diet, your cells will store a maximum electrical charge, and you will have plenty of energy.”

I am allergic to wheat. Can I eat wheat grass?
Most likely you can eat wheat grass. Wheat allergies are usually a reaction to the gluten found in the wheat berry. Wheat grass is a vegetable, cut before the wheat plant forms the grain (berry). Amazing Grass Wheat Grass has no gluten. In fact, many customers have found consuming wheat grass actually helps with allergies since the body needs all the nutrients it can get to combat allergens. It's always recommended that you check with your doctor/allergist or nutritionist before adding anything new to your diet, including Amazing Grass Wheat Grass.

I don't like the taste of wheat grass.
Our modern diet consists of an abundance of processed foods, including junk food that typically contains sugars or artificial sweeteners. Consequently, our taste buds are not accustomed to eating cereal grasses. Many people find they don’t like the taste the first few times they try wheat grass. These same people usually find that after taking it for a week they actually begin to crave the nutritious taste of wheat grass. If you still don't care for the taste, we suggest mixing it with your favorite juice or smoothie...making it difficult to taste the wheat grass at all. After taking it for a few weeks, our customers also report craving sweets less, eating healthier and feeling healthier. For those who still have a hard time taking the powder, we recommend taking our tablets. They are easy to swallow and give you the same nutritional benefits of Amazing Grass powder. Keep in mind our tablets are nutritious whole foods, not synthetic multi-vitamins.

What is the difference between Green SuperFood and Wheat Grass?
Our Green SuperFood combines organic greens foods with antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables and a probiotic and enzyme blend. Green SuperFood provides a great way to get a full spectrum of all the major green superfoods in a delicious and slightly sweet tasting drink powder. It mixes easily with any beverage and tastes great even mixed with water. Our Wheat Grass is 100% organic whole leaf wheat grass. It's vegan and gluten free. Amazing Grass wheat grass is not bitter like some other wheat grasses and has a slightly earthy flavor that many green food purists crave when mixed in water. It also mixes easily into any cold beverage and is a great way to ‘green up’ your favorite smoothie. Many people consume both our Green SuperFood and Wheat Grass daily; either at separate times or mixed together to get an even bigger serving of greens.

What is the difference between tablets and powder?
Our Wheat Grass tablets are simply a compressed version of our wheat grass powder with an organic approved binder to keep them in tablet form. They both offer the same nutrients. The tablets break down very easily and provide a convenient way to get the same nutrition as our wheat grass powder. Our serving size for our wheat grass powder is 8 grams. Our serving size for wheat grass tablets is 5 tablets or approx 5 grams. To get the same serving size as our powder one would consume 8 tablets. Many people consume both our powder and tablets depending on which one is most convenient on a given day.

What is the difference between Tray Grown and Field Grown Wheat Grass?
Nutritionally speaking there is actually a quite a difference. First of all, any wheat grass is good for you. However, tray-grown wheatgrass is quickly grown typically in water or thin soil and usually harvested in 7 to 11 days. Its rapid growth cycle produces simple sugars. People generally drink the tray-grown juice for therapeutic reasons and it’s purported energy boost. Amazing Grass organic Wheat Grass is grown outdoors in Kansas, which has the most ideal climate…in fact Kansas ranks number one in wheat grass production for the world. It is grown over 200 days through the Kansas winter. The visible grass grows very little until the spring, but the roots grow deep in our organic soil and have all winter to absorb the abundance of nutrients in the mineral rich organic soil. In fact, Amazing Grass has every nutrient the human body needs to survive, except vitamin D, which is produced naturally by your skin from sunlight. It is known that a vegetables nutritional content is a direct result of the soil where they are grown. The optimal Kansas soil helps explain the abundance of minerals and nutrients in Amazing Grass. Please see our nutritional chart for a listing of nutrients.

What is the difference between wheat grass and barley grass?
They are very similar in nutritional content. Some people prefer the taste of wheat grass, while others prefer the taste of barley grass. Wheat Grass tends to taste sweeter and Barley Grass tends to taste more bitter. When grown under the same conditions, nutrient levels for Wheat Grass and Barley Grass are very similar.

What is wheat grass?
Wheat grass is part of the cereal grass family, which includes Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Oat Grass and Rye Grass. Whole-leaf wheat grass powder is highly alkaline and when grown, harvested and stored under optimal conditions, it is one of the most potent and nutritious deep green leafy vegetables available.

Why should I consume wheat grass?
There is no debate that consuming dark leafy green vegetables is extremely beneficial for our health. Amazing Grass offers one of the most potent sources of dark green leafy vegetables in a convenient way that aligns with today’s busy lifestyles. There have been hundreds of government and private studies that suggest an increase in consumption of green vegetables may reduce occurrence of cancer and disease, and lead to fewer health problems. Given that over 90% of us fall short of getting 5 servings of vegetables every day, Amazing Grass offers an easier and effective way to meet this goal.

Green SuperFood Questions

I'm sensitive to caffeine, how will maca effect me?
Maca is really not known as a stimulant…it is considered adaptogenic, meaning it works with your body to provide support where needed.  It is purported to provide mental clarify and endurance along with fertility as well as hormonal balance.   Maca is a distant relative of the potato and Mexican yam.   It does not contain any caffeine.

Is there caffeine in your Green SuperFood?
Our Green SuperFood is very low in caffeine; about 2 to 3 mg per 8 gram serving. By contrast, a cup of brewed Green Tea would typically contain less than 30 mg of caffeine and even decaffeinated coffee contains approx. 8-14 mg of caffeine. We have approx. 50 mg of green tea extract per 8 gram serving of Green SuperFood. Our Green Tea extract is high in polyphenols and the extract is very high in EGCG, an antioxidant that has powerful effects on the body. Our Chocolate Green SuperFood has even less caffeine, less than 1mg per 8 gram serving. Our Green SuperFood also has 32mg of Siberian Eleuthero Root (Ginseng) per 8 gram serving. A low dosage of ginseng is considered 1 to 2 GRAMS a day or 1000 to 2000 mg a day…so of course 32mg is a VERY small amount. The sustained energy you experience from our products comes from our green foods and the antioxidant-rich blend of super fruits.

What is the difference between Berry Green SuperFood and Green SuperFood?
Essentially they are the same formula with the following exception: Our Berry Green SuperFood adds extra Acai and includes Goji Berries. We also infuse a delicious natural berry flavor. For many people, our Berry Green SuperFood tastes delicious only mixed with water and it is quickly becoming one of our best selling products.

What is the difference between ORAC Green SuperFood and Berry Green SuperFood?


1. Focused on ORAC antioxidant blend combined with green superfoods and ORAC score of 15,000

2. Sweeter tasting with a berry flavor.  Contains stevia

3. Not certified organic because of the extracts in the ORAC spectra blend

4. 4005 mg of greens per 7 gram serving

Berry GSF:

1. Focused on Green SuperFoods and whole food nutrition w/ an ORAC score of approx 3400

2. Nice berry flavor, less sweet, contains FOS and NO stevia

3. Certified organic

4. 5722 mg of green superfoods per 8 gram serving

What is the 'ORAC' of your Green SuperFood?
Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is a method of measuring antioxidant capacities of different foods. There are many things to consider when looking at the nutritional value of a product including; vitamins, minerals, enzymes, alkalinity and of course phytochemicals. Phytochemicals can support antioxidant protection, hormonal action, stimulation of enzymes, anti-bacterial effects and interference with DNA replication. Essentially they can help protect your body from diseases and cancer mutations.

In addition to providing an abundance of whole food nutritional benefits, our Green SuperFood is also very high in antioxidants. One 8 gram serving has an ORAC score of 2900. One ounce would equate to approx 10,200.  For comparison, our ORAC Green SuperFood has an ORAC score of 15,000 per serving!

Amazing Grass Wheatgrass, 30 servings
Product Certifications:
USDA Organic
Manufacturer: Discontinued

Country of Origin: USA

Item number: AMG001

GTIN: 829835011001

Form: Powder

Package Size: 8.5 oz/240g

Serving Size: 8 grams (1 scoop)

Serving Per Package: 30

Refrigeration Required: No

Ingredients: Organic wheat grass


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