Your holiday shopping just got easier. Everyone knows a traveler or someone who’s always on-the-go. This Christmas gift guide is suitable for the person who always seems to be on vacation or never seems to be home, that busy mom, the businessman who is regularly on the road or flying for work, and the soon-to-be honeymoon travelers. Also consider combining several of these items for a killer “themed” gift basket, which I personally love receiving!

Here are our top picks this holiday season with just that persona in mind.

Travelrest inflatable travel pillow in 4 colors (gray, red, blue, moss green): Whether traveling by plane, train, bus, or automobile, sleep just got easier with this travel pillow. It's very versatile because it can attach to any high back seat to support your whole upper body while you sleep or will wrap over your head and shoulders for use as a travel pillow. Now you can rest on the plane with the confidence you’re not slumping over into the stranger sitting next to yo...

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Stainless Steel bottles for water, drinks and food are quite popular these days - and for good reason. Here's not one -  but ten reasons why these bottles and containers are the healthiest option for you and the planet.

Buy Once, Re-Use Long Term

Americas use 1, 838 disposable cups every second! Stainless steel options are designed to replace throw-away items that populate land fills, oceans and other parts of our beautiful planet; you can feel great about choosing this clean, environmentally sound alternative. They're also cost efficient - high quality stainless steel bottles are crafted from thick, low gage stainless steel with a long-lasting durable weight. They’re virtually indestructible.

A Material Upgrade

Before stainless steel bottles burst onto the scene, typical water bottles were made from polycarbonate plastic or aluminum. These bottles are still on the market, but not the safest option. Plastic can leech toxic chemicals like BPA, and concerns about overexposure to aluminum are...

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Let's take a plate of steamed broccoli. To Tom and Jane, it looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. But as soon as it goes in their mouths, Tom is in heaven while Jane is desperately looking for something, anything, to get this vile taste of her mouth.

(for the record, I'm with Jane)

Of our five senses, taste is perhaps the least understood, and food researchers are making new discoveries about how our sense of taste works every day. Why does one person find broccoli delicious and the other repellent? What makes us crave one food over another? And what's with those old taste bud maps?

  • It is generally believed that taste evolved to help our ancestors determine which foods were good to eat and which weren't – for the caveman on the go, it helped to know if a food was salty (good, as the body needs sodium chloride), sweet (carbohydrates for energy), sour (could be poisonous!) or bitter (could really be poisonous!
  • Ironically, now that we don't have to worry about random foods containi...
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Thanks, Mr. Shaw! Our sentiments exactly.

The Live Superfoods Team

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A million different things can keep you from your workout if you let them. Fatigue, being in bad mood, tough day at work, it’s too cold, too hot—you name it. But unless you have been over-training (aka working out too many days in a row) or suffered an injury, whatever excuse you’ve made up in your head is simply a bad one.

The next time you’re tempted to bail, try these easy tricks to get back your mojo:

Do it for 10 minutes

Tell yourself you can quit after 10 minutes. You can do anything for 10 minutes! After that time, if you’re still not motivated, stop. Chances are once you get going and those endorphins start pumping you won’t want to stop.

Listen to your workout playlist

If you listen to the songs you normally hear only when you’re working out, you’ll start feeling pumped up just listening to those tunes. Just hit play and start gathering your workout gear! Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to the gym.

Make fun plans for afterward

If you’re not looking forward to your workout i...

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I once wrote an entire thesis on this one topic—vitamin B6! It was a long year and a half, ha-ha! Vitamin B6 gets little to no attention, and is often unnoticed among all the B-complex vitamins, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t important. 

In women, vitamin B6 needs increase after age 50 from 1.3 mg to 1.5 mg per day. For men, it’s even more; after age 50, vitamin B6 needs increase from 1.3 mg to 1.7 mg per day, and some studies suggest older people may need more than the current recommended levels of vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 is a water soluble vitamin, so the body doesn’t store it. It has many important functions throughout the body.

Function #1: It plays an important role in the nervous system and cognitive development by helping make several major neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that communicate information from one nerve cell to another throughout our brain and body.

Function #2: Vitamin B6 is needed for normal brain development and function. It helps the body ma...

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