Raw Chocolate Frappe DIY Recipe - Yummo!

September 19,2014

Hi readers, one of our customers wrote this up in a product review on our Live Superfoods Raw Organic Ecuadorian Cacao Powder, and was willing to share it here in a blog as well. Here's what Lori had to say:In ....

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4 Easy Ways to Hit the Exercise 'Restart' Button

September 17,2014

Busy lives, stressful schedules, poor diets, inadequate sleep, not enough down time and lack of energy: Sound familiar? With all there is to do in life, something has got to give, and often it's your fitness re....

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Edamame Hummus Recipe - Vegan, Raw, Easy

September 12,2014

A fresh, beautifully green spin on hummus, try edamame (young, green soybeans) for a refreshing change of pace. Delicious with sliced veg, nori or other dehydrator made 'crackers', or spread on tender inner rom....

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The TravelRest Pillow Story by Dave

September 10,2014

Many years ago, as I was stuck in one of the supersonic sardine cans that airline travel had become, I noticed some of the passengers wearing some odd kind of inflatable ruff that made them look like they were ....

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Top 5 Pure and Natural Beauty Oils

September 06,2014

These luscious natural beauty aids from across the globe do everything from smooth tresses to moisturize skin and strengthen nails. Research the many beauty ingredients in your medicine cabinet, and you&rs....

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5 Immunity Boosters For Back-To-School Health

September 03,2014

“Back-to-School” is an exciting time of year. You’ve shopped for your children’s new school supplies, new shoes, and new clothes, and they’re looking forward to seeing old friends,....

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