St. John's Wort for Anxiety Relief

September 02,2015

Perhaps best known as a natural remedy for symptoms of depression, St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) is also sometimes used to treat anxiety. While research on the possibly anxiety-relieving effects of the....

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Easy Cashew Milk Recipe

August 30,2015

There's a new milk in town, and its got one impressive following. Making it yourself is easy (we promise) - cashews are soft and don't require a long soak time, or even straining.Though its been popping up in g....

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Grilled Peach & Pecan Salad

August 28,2015

Perfect for a summer BBQ, dig into this fresh, crunchy salad with juicy peaches straight from the grill. For a vegan version, use homemade (or store-bought) cashew "goat" cheese.Ingredients3 tablespoons apple c....

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Make Your Own Healthy 'Gatorade'

August 26,2015

Sports drinks. What image comes to mind? Probably those blindfully-bright electrolyte quenchers with "yellow 6," "caramel color," "modified food starch" and other mystery ingredients. There's even talk of a top....

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Barleygrass Peach Smoothie Recipe

August 24,2015

Thick and creamy, this smoothie is the perfect energy-for-hours super snack.Barley grass powder is made from chlorophyll-rich barley grass, which has been juiced and dried at low temperatures. Add it to all of ....

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Soothe Arthritis Pain with these Inflammation-Reducing Foods

August 23,2015

Painful stiffness and swelling in your joints? The following nutritional strategies, in addition to regular low-impact exercise and maintaining a healthy weight, may help.As the ancient Greek physician Hippocra....

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