Goji Cranberry Chutney Recipe (makes a terrific little gift, too)

November 21,2014

 A delightful - and healthy! - sauce for the holidays...This tart and tangy chutney works well with roasted meats and/or wild rice pilafs. Or, spread over cream cheese, top with walnuts and serve with crac....

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What's the Big Deal about Stainless Water/Food Bottles?

November 19,2014

Stainless Steel bottles for water, drinks and food are quite popular these days - and for good reason. Here's not one -  but ten reasons why these bottles and containers are the healthiest option for you a....

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Rustic Vegan Cornbread Recipe

November 17,2014

Cornbread has been a favorite food in the North American regions. Aside from it is really easy to make, it is also appreciated for its nutritional value. Traditionally, cornbread was made out of corn meal groun....

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Taste Buds, But Were Afraid To Ask

November 14,2014

Let's take a plate of steamed broccoli. To Tom and Jane, it looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. But as soon as it goes in their mouths, Tom is in heaven while Jane is desperately looking for someth....

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Easy Cashew 'Cream' Recipe that's Vegan & Raw

November 11,2014

When dairy is out of the question, cashew cream takes center stage. It's a wonderful dairy-free base for sweet and savory recipes; the soft, subtle flavor adds creaminess and depth, without the hormones or addi....

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'Animals are my friends, and I don't eat my friends.'

November 09,2014

Thanks, Mr. Shaw! Our sentiments exactly.The Live Superfoods Team....

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